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Russmedia Solutions provides a WordPress-based high-quality editorial content management system that satisfies all your multimedia needs regarding news. In addition to a clear focus on efficient editorial processes, the state-of-the-art platform offers a variety of powerful functions. The Russmedia Solutions NEWS Platform is based on free open-source technologies rather than on proprietary and inflexible systems.
This offers numerous possibilities for utilizing the seemingly endless variety of plug-ins and features available from the WordPress community. Furthermore, you can share all the Russmedia in-house developments that are successfully applied by the NEWS Platform in various designs and with different features in several regions. You will also benefit from our great experience with SEO-friendly solutions and our technological partnerships. The system has been optimized for desktop computers as well as tablets and is continuously being refined with a state-of-the-art SCRUM development cycle.
SaaS agreement and catering for individual needs by using professional project management tools guarantee complete transparency in the development process. Uncomplicated technical implementation is provided by Russmedia IT’s professional service experts, including complete hosting and high scalability.

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