• Adrian Daniel

    Chief Product Officer

  • Alina-Maria Pirtea

    Junior Developer

  • Andrea Lukács

    Assistant Manager

  • Anna-Lena Norz

    Junior Project Manager

  • Attila Pál

    Junior Developer

  • Cristian Daniel

    Middle Developer

  • Dominic Depaoli

    Head of Development

  • Ferencz Farkas

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Florian Bittner


  • Gerhard Köhle

    CEO Russmedia Tech SRL

  • Gerold Riedmann

    CEO Russmedia Digital

  • Jana Henning


  • Laura Serdült

    Chief Operations Officer

  • Martin Widmann


  • Michal Senk


  • Mihaela Sevan

    Project Manager

  • Mirela Ramor

    Junior Developer

  • Nikolaus Schauersberger


  • Pius Baldauf


  • Romeo Filip

    Junior Developer

  • Zsolt Petes

    Team Leader



Russmedia Solutions - the beginning

We began life as the software development department of InformMedia. Russmedia Solutions is born with 3 developers based in Oradea. We develop the online portal solutions for our news brands. 2005

First projects

Microsoft_.NET_Framework_v4.5_logoWe take on the development and maintenance of news, job, car and real estate portals, all developed in .NET frameworks. 2005

SaaS platforms

Shift our portals to a SaaS platform solution, leading to faster development thorugh structured work. To improve our project management methodology, we introduce our first ticketing system Active Collab. 2007

Mobile Apps

We develop our first mobile app for news portals. 2009


symfony_black_03Believing Open Source software is the future we redevelop our recruitment platform. Moving from .NET to Symfony..



codeigniterFollowing our open source philosophy we migrate all our magazine portals to the CodeIgniter CMS which we build together with our partner ArtSoft. 2009

Niche platform for our UK customers

We develop a Niche recruitment platform for a leading UK media company. 2010
wordpressBuilding on our open source expertise we develop a News platform on Word Press. This platform powers all our news brands. 2010

Oradea and Timisoara

To ensure rapid open source development our engineering team grows to 30 in Romania (Oradea and Timisoara). 2011

New office

We moved to a new office within the headquarters of Informmedia. 2011


cv onlineSuccessfully migrate CVOnline.hu our Hungarian partner to our SaaS recruitment platform.. 2011

Migration - project code MM301

Transfer 12 job boards onto our SaaS Niche job platform for our UK partner. 2012


erentoWe win the development and maintenance of the German rental marketplace – erento.de. 2012

Russmedia brand

Integrating all our development resources we launch a new company Russmedia Solutions to open our expertise to the world. 2013


jobs4hotels_logoWe launched a new project which planned to cover all the eastern European countries with hospitality niches job portals under the Jobs4Hotels brand. Today we have 8 portals on the market. 2013

New office in India

To satisfy growing demand and determined to recruit the best we open an office in India starting with 6 developers. 2013


agileWe became Agile, by adopting SCRUM as our project management methodology. 2013


actonomyConstantly innovating we introduce Actonomy semantic technology for our recruitment platform. This improves the user experience by delivering more relevant results. 2014

Mastering search enignes

solr elastic searchWe develop our expertise in alternate search engine solutions Solr and Elastic Search. To ensure we provide the right solution. 2014

Redesign projects

We implement a fresh responsive design for the recruitment brands of our UK partner. Delivering a superior user experience. 2015


downloadTo improve our matching capability we introduce semantic search and document parsing deploying an external service from TextKernel. 2015

Growing our expertise

Recruited 6 Certified Scrum Master titles and 2 certified Google Analytics experts. google-analytics-logo 2015


Today our software powers over 100 digital brands. For our news platform we continue to develop our WordPress solution. Symfony powers our recruitment platform. Our team consists of more than 30 dedicated developers. We apply a structured approach to development, supported by dedicated project managers and product owners. Today our expertise includes digital marketing, user experience, SEO and conversion rate optimisation.