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"Thanks to Russmedia Solutions for helping us improve and maintain our complex Erento platform!"

Pablo Paternain
Pablo Paternain
Product Owner at Erento

"Russmedia Solutions is providing valuable software development, following a very professional approach. Qualified and motivated team members ensure the success and constant improvement of our platforms. I am looking forward to maintain our long-term partnership with Russmedia Solutions in the future."

Claudia Nessler
Claudia Nessler
Head of Classifieds at Russmedia

"Russmedia Solutions have provided a first class platform development service to the Simply Jobs Boards Recruitment Sites, providing bespoke development to ensure our recruitment Websites have the look, feel, functionality and point of difference that we want, instead of having an off the shelf package."

Nicola Campbell
Nicola Campbell
Project Manager at Friday Media Group

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